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Get smooth, hairless skin simply and easily, with waxing or sugaring. Waxing and sugaring both remove the entire hair by the root for longer lasting hair free results and smoother, softer skin between treatments.

With both methods the hair is pulled from the root for more effective hair removal.

However, there are a few subtle differences between the two treatments.

Want to be hair free all year round? We recommend booking a regular wax or sugar treatment every 4 weeks.


More suitable for thicker hair on less sensitive areas, waxing is a fast hair removal technique producing long lasting results.

One of the benefits of waxing is that the wax sticks to both the skin and hairs, exfoliating by removing dead skin cells as well as removing the hair.

Using premium wax products, our qualified therapists will ensure your treatment is as fast and pain free as possible. Sensitive areas are given extra care to make sure any discomfort is minimised.

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For a long lasting method that is completely natural and gentle on skin, sugaring may be the hair removal technique for you.

Sugaring paste will not stick to the skin, it sticks only to the hair which makes it less painful than waxing.

We use a free-hand sugaring method that gently removes hair from the root, giving you a longer hair free period and reduced regrowth. Each time the hair is removed the follicle is damaged, eventually the follicle will be unable to grow hair.

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We provide specialist services at reasonable prices and will work with you to determine the most appropriate hair removal technique for you.

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