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LASER Hair Removal

Xlase Plus is the worlds most advanced and versatile laser and CPL platform. Xlase Plus aesthetic laser treatment works on all types of skin and on all parts of the body.

The Xlase Plus is the most advanced Laser in the market. It manages simultaneously the Alexandrite wavelengths 760nm and Diode wavelength 808nm. 

What this means is your getting the advantage of the  Candella wavelength and Dide wavelenegth for optimum results.

It is also the only laser able to safely treat all skin types, even dark phototypes, and  from light hair with a very thin texture to darker hair. 

We also provide advanced Skin Treatment including  Q Switch Vascular Leisons , Capillary removal, Pigmentation Removal and Tattoo Removal.

All treatments are performed by fully trained therapists.


Laser Hair Removal

Bye bye razors and Hello Laser… Laser Hair Reduction gives you the benefit of hair free, super smooth skin without ever having to worry about unwanted hair again.

While most hair removal methods are temporary, laser hair reduction can provide permanent results. Be ready for the pool at a moment’s notice, without the strays that can become super embarassing.

Laser Hair Reduction is a fast and reliable treatment that kills the hairs by effecting the follicles, preventing them from ever growing again. Our laser equipment is designed to be used all over your body. The treatment can also be used to target different skin types and conditions.

Laser Hair Reduction is considered safe and effective. You may experience slight redness after the procedure but this will fade.

frequently asked questions

Can I have laser?  
To have laser you need to have a skin colour between fair and a cup of warm cocoa.  Any darker and laser isn’t the best for you. 

Does medication affect laser? 
There are some medications that rule out laser: mostly the kind make you light sensitive.
The best way to find out is to call us and ask. 

Can I have laser if I have blonde hair? 
Actually yes.  You may not get the same results as people with darker hair, but you will know after a few treatments if it’s for you.  While laser alone won’t remove blonde hair, our Biotech  equipment combines laser Diode 808 wavelength with AlexPro 760 making it one of the best semiconductor lasers on the market.

Will it hurt?
No.  Older lasers hurt.  IPLS definitely hurt.  Our modern glide-action laser technology sends the laser out at a lower energy, multiple times in a second.   This makes it supremely comfortable, more so than a wax.  The feedback we get is ‘oh my gosh, are you done already?!’ to ‘it feels like a rubber band flicking lightly’
If you are having treatments elsewhere and finding them painful, come for a free test patch to see what we mean. 

How many treatments will I need? 
Between 6 and 10.  The most common is 6 for body, 8 for face, and some people need a few more. 

How often should I have laser hair removal?
Every 4 weeks until you see some good clearance.  Then you can space them out, usually at number 6 onwards you can go every 2-3 months. 

What will it look like afterwards? 

Your skin might be slightly pink, and it might have little bumps around the hair follicles.  This will be minor & will go away within a day or so.  Most of our clients find it goes after a few hours.

Can I go in the sun?
We can’t laser ares that have active tan, fake or real.  Keep direct sun off the area for a whole week afterwards.  Use SPF daily on the area you’re having treated.   

How do I look after my skin after laser hair removal?
Your skin surface is still intact after laser, but the invisible immune layer made up of skin oil & sweat, has been changed.  Help it out by putting on our Medi-Soothe Gel after each shower, for at least 3 days.  If you feel like it, you can apply it every few hours to soothe the skin.  

Can I have laser hair removal if I am pregnant? 
Like wine, stinky cheeses and many of life’s pleasures, the answer is ‘sadly, not right now babe.’ 
Because pregnancy hormones can stimulate skin colour hormones, there’s a teeny worst-case-scenario-chance that laser can leave behind dark marks in pregnant ladies.  We have never seen it, but it’s always best to be conservative with laser & pregnancy.  Wait till you’ve finished breastfeeding before booking your next laser hair removal.

Can laser cause cancer? 

Absolutely not.  It also can’t go any deeper in your body than 1600 nanometers.  That’s 1/1600th of a metre.  Tiny.  Lasers are chosen for their precision – to get to a specific, exact location and nowhere else.  

Are there side effects to laser hair removal? 
Laser has benefits and it can have risks.   Laser is light energy being converted to heat energy in the skin.  So the risks associated with laser are the same ones associated with heat.  Naturally we make sure each person who has laser with us goes through a safety check.  

Is laser safe?
When performed by a trained expert, with modern equipment, absolutely.  
The risks in laser come when inexperienced operators match the wrong client with the wrong equipment, or aren’t conservative enough in their delivery.  

  • Lip or Chin                                  $15   
  • Underarm                                   $20     
  • 1/2 Arm                                      $29 
  • Full Arm                                     $49
  • Chest or Back                           $69
  • G-String                                     $69
  • Brazilian  & Underarm              $49            
  • 1/2  Leg                                      $39  
  • Full Leg                                       $89           
  • Full Body (head to toe)            $210
  • Full Body (excluding torso)        $190

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