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Electrical Muscle Stimulation - EMS

In essence a machine uses electrical energy to move your muscle for you. Yes, it uses the same type of electrical energy your body creates to move you muscles.

What that means is you can be hooked up, lay down and read a book and the machines gives your abs a good workout. Sound a bit like fat freezing or laser liposuction? Science has found yet another short cut to getting that great body. With minimal effort.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

The latest in EMS technology

What is Electrical Muscle Stimulant is a type of electrotherapy that stimulates a muscle contraction using electrical impulses in order to strengthen weak muscles and reduce pain.
It can also help you lose fat around your targeted muscles. We can treat your abs, arms, legs,  butt, glutes or thighs.

EMS has the power to enhance outcomes:

  • EMS training, train harder with stimulation EMS
  • Full body target muscle groups with electric impulses
  • Personal training without the personal trainer
  • Body workout and weight loss, highly effective
  • Reduce body fat and increase muscle
  • EMS training reduces body fat
  • 30 minute sessions for your fitness goals
  • less body fat no personal trainer required
  • and more

Our machine has five pads, of which four can be used at once. Two of the pads are flat and great for flat areas. Two are curved and great for arms and leg. The third pad is a seated pad, great for the  pelvic floor and virginal tightening.

EMS exercise can help people manage:

  • Lower Back & Pelvic Pain
  • Postural Problems
  • Chronic Pain
  • Urinary Incontinence – Pelvic Floor
  • Improve Core strength
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One in three women who have had a baby experience loss of bladder control.

The EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a breakthrough treatment for incontinence and confidence. This unique technology revolutionises sexual health and wellness by providing those suffering from incontinence with a completely non-invasive and effective option for the management of symptoms.

This revolutionary muscle building, strengthening, and sculpting technology uses Tesla energy to stimulate strong muscle contractions to the pelvic floor above the level possible through kegels and physiotherapy alone. EMS strengthens and tones muscles so you can say goodbye to incontinence for good.



  • Leakage (upon sneezing, laughing or day to day activities)
  • Urge urinary incontinence
  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Mixed urinary incontinence
  • Incontinence after radical prostatectomy
  • Regeneration after childbirth
  • Milder forms of drooping uterus and bladder (cistokela, descensus uterusa)
  • Rehabilitation after pelvic floor surgery
  • Chronic prostate inflammation
  • Erectile dysfunction

65% of women and 30% of men sitting in a doctor’s waiting room report some type of urinary Yet 70% of people with urinary leakage do not seek advice and treatment for their problem


How does the pelivc floor strengther work?

The EMS Pad was developed for treating weakened pelvic floor muscles and urinary incontinence using the special Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology. The pulsed magnetic field generated by the device causes the muscles of the pelvic floor to contract. This therapy is suitable for all kinds of urinary incontinence. EMS also helps patients with sexual dysfunction and chronic pain in the pelvic region and lumbar spine. The Electric stimulation results in increased strength and endurance of pelvic region and pelvic floor muscles.

EMS to treat lower back pain.

The new EMS treatment is a painless, non-invasive and effective therapy for problems in the lower back area. The treatment stimulates muscles and accelerates circulation without direct contact with the skin, allowing for maximum muscle contractions without any downtime. The therapy procedure is simple, and the patient does not require special preparation. Simply relax during the treatment while targeted EMS stimulation to the lower back is delivered through the applicator in the chair backrest.

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